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Rollbit, Crypto's Most Innovative Casino


Launched in February 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for online gaming, Rollbit has rapidly grown into one of the leading crypto casinos with over 1 million registered users, an estimated $40 million wagered per day and more than $5 billion wagered overall. From new and innovative casino offerings like Bonus Battles, to cryptocurrency derivatives trading, to Non-Fungible Token (NFT) betting games, Rollbit has become widely recognised as the leading innovator in the industry. We have truly revolutionised what it means to be a crypto casino, with our track record of success in delivering innovative features and generating new sources of revenue, including:

  • Bonus Battles: Exclusive to Rollbit, Bonus Battles add a social component to popular casino games by allowing users to purchase a bonus buy and compete with other users for the chance to win the pooled balance of the bonus buys.

  • Challenges: another innovation pioneered by Rollbit, Challenges can be hosted by anyone, adding prizes for users who win casino games with high enough multipliers and bet sizes. These additional incentives increase the excitement of playing our already popular casino games.

  • Provably Fair In-house Games: Plinko, X-Flip, Rollbot Bonanza, X-Roulette, Rollercoaster and X-Crash.

  • Leveraged Crypto Trading: Rollbit users can trade 20+ of the top cryptocurrencies with no bid-offer spread and up to x1000 leverage. Our platform sees an average of ~$1 billion in volume traded per day.

  • Crypto Portfolio: Buy, HODL or sell the top 125 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation all in one place.

  • NFT Lootboxes: The first provably fair betting game launched by a casino with high-value NFTs as prizes.

  • Rollbot NFTs: Our Rollbot NFT sale was an outstanding success, with the pre-sale selling out in less than 25 seconds and the public sale selling out in less than one hour. With the release of Rollbots, Rollbit became the first ever casino to offer a VIP membership through a utility NFT providing privileges for holders.

  • NFT Marketplace: October 2021 saw the launch of Rollbit’s gas-less NFT marketplace, which is lowering the barriers to NFT adoption and reducing the costs of trading these tokens. One privilege Rollbot holders enjoy is profit-sharing from our NFT marketplace, paid out weekly!

After venturing into many new and exciting areas not explored by other casinos, such as crypto investing, cryptocurrency derivatives trading and NFTs, we are about to go even further by sharing revenues with our users and Rollbot holders.

Rollbit is fully licensed and authorised by the Government of Curacao. You can confirm the validity of our gaming license by clicking the embedded seal within our site footer!

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