RLB Whitepaper
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Why does Rollbit have a token?
Rollbit Coin (RLB) was launched as an integral part of the Rollbit Lottery. There was no ICO for RLB. Instead, Rollbit airdropped the entire RLB supply for free. Airdrops have been used throughout the history of cryptocurrencies to bootstrap growth, incentivise community development, and reward early adopters.
100% of RLB is distributed to Rollbit users. There was no ICO, or any RLB sold OTC.
RLB was originally available on the Solana blockchain. Due to bottlenecks associated with the Solana blockchain, Rollbit migrated RLB to the Ethereum blockchain where it thrives today.
Rollbit has always been about offering it's users a rewarding experience. The Rollbit team believes it was a natural process to deliver a token to it's userbase, allowing Rollbit users to be even more rewarded.
RLB was recently migrated to ETH, check out the details here.
RLB has gone through many changes since it's initial inception. In 2023, RLB's catalyst for deflation was migrated to a 'Buy & Burn' event.