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The brand behind the ultra-utility Rollbot NFT project


Rollbit was founded in February 2020 by a team of entrepreneurs with a shared passion for online gaming and is committed to creating unique and fun experiences for it's users. As one of the leading crypto casinos with over $5 billion wagered in total, we have built an excellent reputation around our brand, which has resulted in an excellent 4.6/5.0 rating from 3,986 reviews on Trustpilot.

As of March 2022, Rollbit has had over $5,000,000,000 wagered on their casino games & over $100,000,000,000 traded via their Crypto Trading offering.


Rollbit considers itself one of the leaders of innovation within the crypto casino industry. Rollbit regularly releases new and exciting features to it's users which include:

  • NFT Marketplace: Rollbit has built a fully fledged NFT Marketplace. The NFT Marketplace addresses many of the footfalls with leading marketplaces such as high gas fees. Rollbit's marketplace is gas-less and users can use Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Solana (SOL) to purchase NFTs. Listed NFTs can be won at a fraction of the listed price thanks to Rollbit's marketplace betting feature, which still gives the seller the full value of their NFT. 50% of Rollbit's NFT Marketplace profits are paid back to Rollbot stakers!

  • NFT Lootboxes: Rollbit has successfully introduced NFT lootboxes to the market. Not only can Rollbot holders create their own NFT lootboxes and effectively become the house, but NFT Lootbox players can win popular NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club & CryptoPunks for a fraction of their value! This is the first step of many that Rollbit will take into bringing NFT gambling to the masses.

  • NFT Collateralised Loans: Rollbit will give short-term liquidity to popular NFT holders via it's NFT collateralised loans feature. Loans are instant, giving the user on-site balance which they can gamble, trade cryptocurrencies with or simply withdraw!

  • Profit Sharing: Rollbit takes community involvement one step further, rewarding it's users a share of their casino & NFT Marketplace profits. Casino profits are distributed via the RLB Lottery, where Rollbit's Ethereum token is used as an entry ticket and NFT Marketplace profits are distributed to folks staking their Rollbots.

  • Casino Games: Rollbit has integrated with over 60 of the most popular providers to offer slots, roulette, live casino, and blackjack games. Our close cooperation with these providers has allowed us to offer innovative features on top of these games, like Bonus Battles and Challenges.

  • In-house Games: In addition to third party games, Rollbit has developed unique, popular in-house games such as Rollercoaster, X-Roulette, X-Crash and X-Flip with additional games currently in development.

  • Leading Rewards Program: Rollbit has positioned itself as the most rewarding crypto casino. Rollbit gives back over 70% of their house edge to it's players! Not only do casino players enjoy the lucrative rewards program, but cryptocurrency traders & users of the NFT marketplace are also rewarded for their actions via Rollbit Rewards!

  • Bonus Battles: Bonus Battles add a social component to Rollbit's popular casino games by allowing users to purchase a bonus buy and compete with other users for the chance to win the pooled balance of the bonus buys.

  • Challenges: Challenges can be hosted by anyone, adding prizes for users who win casino games with high enough multipliers and bet sizes. These additional incentives increase the excitement of playing our already popular casino games.

  • High-leverage Crypto Trading: Rollbit successfully launched a novel trading platform in May 2021, allowing its users to bet on the direction of the price of various cryptocurrencies. With two key features (up to 1,000x leverage and the ability to open trades without paying a commission or bid-offer spread), traders can profit from small price moves in the underlying markets. On traditional trading platforms, volume-based commissions and bid-off spreads often make short-term trades prohibitively expensive. But by only charging a percentage of profits and nothing for losses, Rollbit has reduced the friction of trading. Highly accurate pricing was crucial to the success of this product and is a competitive advantage since competitors will not be able to easily replicate this.

  • Crypto Portfolio: In addition to leveraged trading, Rollbit offers to users exposure to the top 120 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation (excluding stablecoins) with a simple and unified interface without the complications of opening an account with a separate trading exchange.

  • Accepts Solana: Rollbit is one of only a few crypto casinos to accept the hugely popular cryptocurrency Solana (SOL) for deposits and withdrawals.

With a history of successfully launching innovative products and after fostering a vibrant community of players, Rollbit has the capability and experience to deliver an extensive suite of NFT-related features. We are now making an enormous leap into the NFT ecosystem with our Rollbot NFT collection and accompanying roadmaps.

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