RLB Whitepaper
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Learn how Rollbit Coin (RLB) is distributed
The initial supply distribution of RLB is shown below:
Rollbit Coin (RLB) initial distribution chart
  • 1,143,250,000 RLB (22.865% of the supply) will be distributed via several airdrops to users’ Rollbit accounts and giveaways.
  • 3,856,750,000 RLB (77.135% of the supply) will be allocated to Rollbot stakers in line with the rarity of the eye trait.
With the majority of RLB being distributed to Rollbot stakers, this allowed Rollbit to be creative with the remaining supply and how it would be given to users.
Since the inception of RLB, Rollbit has given RLB back in the following ways:
  • Ongoing: Booby prize for NFT Lootboxes.
  • Ongoing: Revealing Sports Rollbots.
  • Discontinued: Wagering on X-Crash.
  • Discontinued: Claiming casino rewards.
  • Discontinued: First balance deposit.
  • Discontinued: Depositing a NFT.
  • Discontinued: Christmas Advent Calendar.
85,232 new Rollbit accounts received 1,000 RLB after their first deposit.
The distribution of RLB to Rollbot holders commenced throughout December 2021 in the form of an advent calendar. Every day up until December 31st, RLB was allocated amongst all staked Rollbots, with each day corresponding to a particular eye trait.
There are 31 different eye traits across all 10,000 Rollbots. Each day in December 2021, RLB was airdropped to Rollbit accounts with staked Rollbots that possess a certain eye trait. There was a button to claim RLB, similar to how the NFT marketplace staking works.
Once the RLB was claimed, the staked Rollbots remained locked until January 1st, 2022 (meaning they could not be sold, linked to profiles or utilised to create NFT Lootboxes).
December 2021 RLB Advent Calendar
The image above shows how many RLB tokens were received for each staked Rollbot. For example, staked Rollbots with the rarest eye trait (Rollbit Glasses) were airdropped 1 million RLB on December 31st. While staked Rollbots with the most common eye trait (Surprised Green Eyes) were airdropped 100,000 RLB on December 1st. A total of 3,856,750,000 RLB was distributed to Rollbot holders over the course of December 2021.