RLB Whitepaper

Buy & Burn

Learn more about RLB's 'Buy & Burn' program
Rollbit uses a portion of it's daily revenue from it's Casino, Crypto Futures and Sportsbook verticals to purchase and burn RLB. The process, known as 'Buy & Burn' is what makes RLB a deflationary cryptocurrency asset.
RLB is purchased directly via UniSwap by Rollbot.eth 🤖
As Rollbit already has significant revenue, the value of RLB bought and burned each day is high. As Rollbit's revenues continue to grow, more and more RLB will be purchased and burned. With each burn, RLB is permanently removed from the supply forever. This process causes RLB to become more scarce over time, making RLB deflationary.
Rollbit's Revenue Dashboard, showing RLB burn statistics
Buy & Burn superseded the RLB Lottery as the primary driving force making RLB deflationary. Since the introduction of Buy & Burn, the RLB Lottery no longer influences the deflation of RLB and is now free to enter.
On-chain buy & burns are now automated and can be viewed here! 🔥
In a similar way to how the RLB Lottery prize pools are accumulated, the Buy & Burn utilises revenue figures. Unlike the RLB Lottery that only included a portion of Casino revenue, Buy & Burn includes Crypto Futures and Sportsbook.
Business Vertical
1000x Crypto Futures
It's worth noting that the revenue figures displayed do not represent Rollbit's profits. Similarly to the RLB Lottery however, Rollbit is committing to the share of revenue stated on the Revenue Dashboard. This means that even if Rollbit has an unprofitable day, Buy & Burn will still happen!
From the bought RLB, Rollbit distributes 10% to staked Rollbots!