The Rollbots V2 roadmap is tailored towards providing value for our holders

Sports Rollbots Whitelist Sale

The first Sports Rollbots sale will be for whitelisted folks.

2,000 Sports Rollbots will be sold at a fixed price of $900.

Date: March 18th, 2022 ⏰

SOLD OUT in ~10 seconds! ⚡

Sports Rollbots Public Sale

The final Sports Rollbots public sale commences on March 19th.

Remaining Rollbots sold with a price of $900 for WL & V1 stakers and $1,000 for everyone else.

Date: March 19th, 2022 ⏰

SOLD OUT in 2 minutes! ⚡

Rollbit Sportsbook launch

Rollbit will launch a fully fledged sportsbook to coincide their Sports Rollbots release.

The sportsbook will give Rollbit, Crypto's First NFT Casino, additional market share and help maintain their position as one of the leading cryptocurrency casinos.

Rollbit continue to develop innovative features for their sportsbook, making their offering one of the best available and giving them an edge over competitors.

Date: March 18th, 2022

Sports Rollbots Reveal

The Sports Rollbots reveal will be an exciting experience for holders, giving them the option of revealing their Sports Rollbots. Holders can keep their Sports Rollbots unrevealed for as a long as they want, which could see the price of unrevealed Sports Rollbots rise in the future.

The Sports Rollbots reveal is now live and can be completed directly on Rollbit.

Reveal Sports Rollbots via your NFT Portfolio.

Sports Rollbots must be deposited to your Rollbit account to be revealed 💡

Date: March 30th, 2022

RLB Airdrop for Sports Rollbots holders

Sports Rollbots holders will be airdropped RLB, Rollbit's Ethereum token. This will allow Sports Rollbots to participate in Rollbit's extremely popular RLB Lottery where $1,000,000+ has already been won.

RLB can be obtained by revealing Sports Rollbots 🪄

Date: March 30th, 2022

Exploring the Metaverse

Rollbit will enter and explore the metaverse. Building experiences that can be explored using Rollbots. Experiences will be Rollbots themed and Rollbit will experiment with how they can bring Sports Rollbots into the Metaverse with offerings such as virtual sports tournaments.

Rollbit will seek partnerships with existing Metaverse platforms, purchasing land within the respective Metaverses to make this possible!


Fantasy Sports

Rollbit will create an exciting fantasy sports experience. With maximum benefits for Sports Rollbot holders.


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