๐Ÿ“ฆNFT Lootboxes

NFT Lootboxes are an innovative way to earn a commission from popular Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that you hold and place in our NFT loot boxes.

Introducing NFT Lootboxes, the world's first of it's kind. Exclusive to Rollbit!

Only Rollbot holders can create their own NFT Lootboxes (at a 1:1 ratio) and become the house in their own casino game utilising innovative NFT Lootboxes. To create a NFT Lootbox, youโ€™ll have to associate a Rollbot with it, meaning this Rollbot is essentially staked and cannot be used for other utility benefits. So if you only own one Rollbot, then youโ€™ll only be able to create a NFT Lootbox with other NFTs and/or cash as prizes.

The Rollbot must be in your Rollbit NFT portfolio before assigning it to a NFT Lootbox!

You can play it safe, creating NFT Lootboxes with other NFTs you own and/or cash prizes to avoid losing a Rollbot. If you want to have a Rollbot as a prize, you'll need at least 2 Rollbots. One Rollbot to stake and the other added as a prize.

Holders of our Rollbit-branded NFTs can add their own NFTs to a NFT Lootbox and specify cash prizes, then select the win probability (the minimum win probability that can be set is 0.001% to ensure it is worth playing). Creators can set the value of NFTs they add, but there will be a price recommendation to prevent inflated prices from being inputted. The price to open the NFT Lootbox is automatically calculated (based on the value of items added to it) with a 5% house edge baked in.

It's now possible to add NFTs listed on OpenSea to NFT Lootboxes! Check out the dedicated blog post here.

The price to open a Rollbot will be greater if more valuable NFTs are added and the higher you set the win probability to be. NFT Lootboxes can be closed whenever the creator wants to free up the staked Rollbot for another utility function and the prizes/win probability can be updated at any time. Additional items will be available to add to NFT Lootboxes in the near future such as Crypto Portfolio balances and Bonus Buys!

While providing our players with more NFT Lootboxes to open, the creator will also benefit by effectively becoming the house in their very own NFT-themed game. Each time the NFT Lootbox is opened, the creator earns their NFT Lootbox revenue share. When a Rollbot or other NFT is won from a NFT Lootbox, the creator will be credited the amount they inputted as the NFTs price during the NFT Lootbox creation. Creators can claim pending earnings via the My Boxes page.

The maximum price for a NFT Lootbox is $50,000 and the maximum payout is $1,000,000

From Rollbitโ€™s house edge for the NFT Lootboxes, some of this revenue will be shared with Rollbot holders. The revenue share for NFT Lootboxes is determined by the clothes your Rollbot is wearing, all of which are displayed in the image below.

The rarest item of clothing is the Golden ETH Cloak, which comes with a NFT Lootbox revenue share of 30%, followed by the Gold Zeus (with a NFT Lootbox revenue share of 29%). Out of all Rollbots, the lowest NFT Lootbox revenue share is 5% for those with clothing items such as the ATM, Scarf and Suspenders. A breakdown for the NFT Lootbox revenue share for all Rollbots can be found here.

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