A seamless NFT sale experience, gas-less and fair.

Our Whitelist Presale & Public Sale have now concluded & were a success! Whitelist Presale: SOLD OUT in ~10 seconds! โšก Public Sale: SOLD OUT in 2 minutes! โšก

Sports Rollbots will be distributed fairly across two sales. The Sports Rollbots whitelist sale will happen 30 minutes before the public sale, giving whitelisted folks early access to the sale. All 10,000 Sports Rollbots will be distributed over the two sales and via giveaways.

Sports Rollbots Whitelist Sale

  • Date: March 18th, 2022

  • Time: 7:30pm UTC

  • Fixed Price: $1,000 (from your Rollbit balance, deposit BTC, ETH, SOL or LTC)

  • Minting: 2,000 Rollbots, cap is determined by whitelist rank.

The Sports Rollbots whitelist sale sold out in ~10 seconds โšก

The Sports Rollbots whitelist sale will commence 30 minutes before the public sale.

The whitelist sale will only be accessible to folks who obtain the whitelist role within Rollbit's Discord server. You can learn about the whitelist requirements by checking out the #whitelist-info channel.

All whitelist members get 10% discount, making the final mint price $900 ๐Ÿค‘

The amount of Rollbots you're eligible to mint during the whitelist sale is determined by your whitelist rank. An overview of the Sports Rollbots whitelist ranks can be found below:

Rank 1 (V2 Whitelist): 2 Sports Rollbot Rank 2 (V2 Whitelist+): 4 Sports Rollbots Rank 3 (V2 Whitelist++): 6 Sports Rollbots Rank 4 (V2 Whitelist+++): 8 Sports Rollbots Rank 5 (V2 King): 10 Sports Rollbots

The Sports Rollbots whitelist sale will be a fixed price sale.

Sports Rollbots Public Sale

  • Date: March 18th, 2022

  • Time: 8:00pm UTC

  • Price: $2,000 (dropping $25 every 10 minutes until floor price is reached, $1,000)

  • Minting: 7,850 Rollbots, maximum of TBA per person.

Sports Rollbots have already been minted on-chain by Rollbit, eliminating issues with gas!

The Sports Rollbots public sale will start 30 minutes after the whitelist sale.

The public sale will be completed using a Dutch auction format.

The price will start at $2,000. Every 10 minutes, the price will drop by $25 until a floor price of $1,000 is reached.

The initial public sale was halted. Check below for how we fixed it!

We've chosen to go with the Dutch auction format as it ensures more buyers are happy with their purchase price. The price paid is largely dependent on the demand for the 7,850 Sports Rollbots.

Sports Rollbots Revised Public Sale

During the March 18th, 2022 Sports Rollbots public sale, Rollbit halted the sale.

The sale was halted as Rollbit believed the sale was handled poorly and they wanted to rectify it.

The price point wasn't in the best interests of the community and the sale format wasn't the one.

Immediately after halting the sale, an announcement was put out to the community. This announcement would set forth what the plan was and how Rollbit would revive the public sale.

Here's a summary of that announcement and what followed:

  • The Sports Rollbots Dutch auction was closed.

  • Unsold Sports Rollbots were to be added to a fixed price sale the day after.

  • Everyone that purchased a Sports Rollbot for more than $1,000 would be refunded the difference to $2,000. This would apply to every purchase, regardless of how many a specific holder picked up!

Rollbit refunded a whopping $3.4m to participants of the initial public sale ๐Ÿคฏ

  • The fixed price sale would start at $900 whitelisted folks and those with a Rollbot V1 staked.

  • The fixed price sale will start at $1,000 for everyone else.

  • Any Sports Rollbots purchased during the initial public sale will be retained by holders.

  • 100 Sports Rollbots would be added to the existing 100 Sports Rollbots airdrop for Rollbot V1 stakers. 200 Sports Rollbots would now be given out between Sports Rollbots whitelist members and those staking a V1 Rollbot.

The revised Sports Rollbots public sale went live at 19th March, 2022 20:00 UTC.

The revised sale was a success, selling out in a speedy 2 minutes โšก

Sale Benefits

We're giving potential Sports Rollbots holders the opportunity to unlock benefits leading up to the sales. These benefits range from discount on the purchase price to winning Sports Rollbots!

Whitelist Sale Benefits

  • All whitelisted users get 10% discount on purchases during the whitelist sale.

  • Whitelist rank determines how many Sports Rollbots can be minted during the whitelist sale. The amounts start from 2 for the default Sports Rollbots whitelist rank, all the way up to 10 for folks who reach the V2 King role. Check the whitelist sale section above for the full breakdown!

Public Sale Benefits

  • 10% discount for V1 Rollbots stakers during public sale. You can stake all the way up until the sale, check Rollbit's marketplace for V1 Rollbots for sale.

  • 100 Sports Rollbots will be randomly distributed to V1 Rollbots stakers!

Remaining Sports Rollbots

Between the whitelist and public sale, 9,750 Sports Rollbots will be sold.

This leaves 250 Sports Rollbots which will be retained by Rollbit for the sole purposes of giveaways. Some have already been assigned for specific uses.

  • 100 Sports Rollbots will be distributed to folks staking V1 Rollbots.

  • 100 Sports Rollbots distributed to folks on the Sports Rollbots whitelist.

  • 1 Special Sports Rollbot will be drawn at random between our top 5 Discord members.

200 Sports Rollbots Airdrop Fairness

Following the Sports Rollbots sale, 200 Sports Rollbots were distributed:

  • 100 Sports Rollbots distributed to folks staking V1 Rollbots.

  • 100 Sports Rollbots distributed to folks on the Sports Rollbots whitelist.

This section documents the process we used and how it was provably fair.

The outcome of the giveaway is calculated in a deterministic way given the hashes of the entered user_ids, their ticket counts, and the hash of a target Bitcoin block. By publishing the giveaway tickets ahead of time and incorporating an unpredictable hash of a future Bitcoin block, we are ensuring that the winners of the giveaway are selected fairly and that the outcome can not be influenced by us.

A target future Bitcoin block will be announced and before this block is mined (and the hash known), a complete list of hashes of every entered user_id and their ticket counts will be published. The BLAKE2b hash function with a digest size of 256 bits is used for the user_ids. The tickets are sorted by the hash of their user_id to get a consistent ordering.

For each Sports Rollbot that is given away, the winner will be selected by first calculating a floating point number uniformly distributed in the unit range from the BLAKE2b hash of the Bitcoin block hash concatenated with the 0-based award index. This number is then multiplied by the total remaining ticket count and the winning ticket is selected as the first ticket whose cumulative ticket count it exceeds. Users can only win once, so this user is removed from the list of tickets and the process is repeated for the remaining Sports Rollbot to be given away.

The following python code can be used to verify the outcome of the giveaway:

import pyblake2
import requests

n_sportsbots = 200
block_hash = '000000000000000eb4e1776b5ee79fbaab9cb296540266ee42c169ef56f3f075'

response = requests.get('https://sportsbot.rollbit.com/sportsbot_giveaway_tickets.csv')
tickets = [{'user_id_hash': y[0], 'ticket_count': int(y[1])} for y in (x.split(',') for x in response.text.splitlines()[1:])]
tickets.sort(key=lambda x: x['user_id_hash'])

def bytes_to_uniform_number(xs: bytes) -> float:
    hash = pyblake2.blake2b(xs, digest_size=32).digest()
    return int.from_bytes(hash[:8], byteorder='little', signed=False) / float(2**64 - 1)

for i in range(n_sportsbots):
    total_count = sum(x['ticket_count'] for x in tickets)
    outcome = total_count * bytes_to_uniform_number(bytes(block_hash + str(i), 'ascii'))
    current_count = 0
    for (j, ticket) in enumerate(tickets):
        current_count += ticket['ticket_count']
        if outcome < current_count:

Sports Rollbots Reveal

The Sports Rollbots will happen approximately 1 week after the Sports Rollbots sales.

Sports Rollbots can now be revealed! Reveal them via your NFT Portfolio ๐Ÿช„

The Sports Rollbots reveal went live on the 30th of March, 2022.

Rollbit has made the reveal process as exciting as possible. Revealing a Sports Rollbot is entirely optional for the holder. If the holder would rather not reveal their Sports Rollbots and see what the price of unrevealed Sports Rollbots is like in several months, they can!

We anticipate that this will create a premium market for unrevealed Sports Rollbots.

Think of unopened 1st Edition Pokรฉmon packs, unrevealed Specials anyone? ๐Ÿ‘€

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