Why is Rollbit launching another phase of Rollbots?

After making NFT history by being the first casino to launch their own NFT, Rollbit is ready to turn heads again with the launch of their second NFT project to coincide with their Sportsbook launch.

Rollbots V1 was and still is a major success for holders and Rollbit. Holders have collectively generated more than $48,000,000. Rollbit has seen exceptional growth after the introduction of Rollbots, which results in even more rewards for our Rollbot V1 holders.

In an effort to continue to grow Rollbit and obtain more market share, Rollbit has the ambitious goal to become a leader in the sports gambling market. Rollbit will launch a fully fledged sportsbook alongside Sports Rollbots. Sports Rollbots holders will reap benefits from the sportsbook passively and also earn exclusive rewards when using the sportsbook with a Rollbot assigned.

The aim of Sports Rollbots is to have utility benefits for holders when using our sportsbook. However, you won't need to be a user of the sportsbook to benefit from ownership. We're introducing utility which allows holders to earn passively just by staking their Sports Rollbot.

NFTs have only grown in popularity since the launch of Rollbots V1. Rarely a day goes by where NFTs aren't making mainstream news and garnering the attention of millions worldwide. To maintain the title of 'Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino', Rollbit will launch sport-themed NFTs alongside the upcoming sportsbook.

Here's some reasons why this may interest you:

  • Rollbit has a proven track record as a huge player within the online gambling industry, with over $5,000,000,000 wagered on their casino since March 2021 and $100,000,000,000+ traded via their Crypto Trading feature.

  • Rollbit's first NFT project, Rollbots V1 is hugely successful. Generating it's holders seven figures monthly. The utility is unrivalled, there's nothing like it within the gambling industry

  • Rollbit has one of the best development teams within the crypto industry. Exciting and innovative features are released on a weekly basis, including those related to NFTs.

  • Rollbit is positioning itself as a key player within the NFT space. You can become a part of that by investing in a Rollbot.

  • The first version of Rollbots sold out extremely fast due to their popularity. The presale sold out within 25 seconds and the public sale sold out within 1 hour.

Rollbots V1 Reflection

Multiple members of Rollbit's team have been involved in cryptocurrency for almost 10 years now, they're avid NFT collectors & crypto enthusiasts. They believe that if you're getting into crypto now you're still extremely early. They think that it's just the start for crypto and that there's very exciting times ahead in terms of crypto influencing our future and being in everyone's day-to-day lives.

When the Rollbit team conceived the idea of Rollbots, they had several reservations. The NFT market at that time was in it's infancy when you compare it to the mainstream attention that it has today. One of the most important reservations the Rollbit team had was that if they were to create an NFT project it would have to provide holders value over the long term. They witnessed & experienced tens of NFT projects making promises of delivering value and executing ambitious roadmaps, only for those very same projects to fail to deliver for their holders. The Rollbit team would not let this happen, and meticulously planned the value they could commit to delivering.

Looking back at the earliest roadmaps for Rollbots V1, it's clear Rollbit under promised & overdelivered. The meticulous planning paid off and Rollbots signified themselves as a utility-focused NFT project that truly delivers value to holders.

The amount of value delivered back to Rollbot holders is growing rapidly. Since launch, Rollbot V1 holders have earned more than $48 million USD. This is value holders have received directly on Rollbit.com, the true value most definitely exceeds this as the value of Rollbots have appreciated since the initial sales.

You can see Rollbot V1 holder earnings live on the Sportsbot sale page!

Rollbots V1 Timeline

Timeline of the key events for Rollbots V1, after public sale:

  • 6 days after sale: NFT Marketplace launched (50% of profits going to Rollbot stakers)

  • 14 days after sale: Rollbot staking redemptions are launched

  • 14 days after sale: Special Rollbot, 'Hypnotised King' sells for $115,000

  • 20 days after sale: X-Crash & $RLB released, alongside casino profit sharing pool

  • 28 days after sale: Casino profit sharing pool reaches $250,000

  • 31 days after sale: Rollbot buy back, only 19/10,000 purchased by Rollbit!

  • 35 days after sale: Rollbit Discord compromised, all victims refunded from Rollbit's pocket

  • 35 days after sale: Casino profit sharing pool reaches $350,000

  • 35 days after sale: 19 Rollbots acquired during buy back given away

  • 35 days after sale: RLB Lottery launched

  • 35 days after sale: RLB can be earned by simply claiming casino rewards

  • 36 days after sale: RLB deposits & withdrawals launched

  • 36 days after sale: First RLB Lottery commences, $23,730 paid out to 100 lucky winners

  • 41 days after sale: RLB Airdrops to Rollbot stakers begins

  • 41 days after sale: RLB Christmas Advent Calendar is released

  • 41 days after sale: RLB Lottery jackpot reaches $500,000. Total payouts: $145,000+

  • 46 days after sale: Rarity Sniper integration & giveaway

  • 51 days after sale: NFT Marketplace probabilistic betting is released

  • 56 days after sale: NFT Collateralised Loans is released

  • 56 days after sale: NFT deposit bonuses are launched

  • 64 days after sale: VIP Pass (NFT invites) distribution begins

  • 64 days after sale: $700,000 and 70,000,000 RLB dropped to users for Christmas

  • 64 days after sale: RLB Lottery Rollbot staking redemptions go live

  • 69 days after sale: RLB Lottery Multipliers released

  • 69 days after sale: Improved chances for Jackpot to be hit on RLB Lottery

  • 76 days after sale: RLB Lottery teams feature is introduced

  • 76 days after sale: RLB Lottery Jackpot exceeds $1,000,000 💸

  • 90 days after sale: X-Flip released, Rollbot-themed coinflip

  • 98 days after sale: First ever RLB burn 🔥

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