🎫Lottery Multiplier

Rollbot holders are able to multiply the amount of RLB they have staked within the RLB Lottery for a greater chance to win cash prizes

Owning a Rollbot can significantly increase your chances of winning cash prizes in Rollbit's RLB Lottery. The RLB Lottery distributes a share of Rollbit's profits to a lucky 100 winners every 100 Bitcoin blocks.

On the 29th of December 2021, Rollbit introduced lottery multipliers. Lottery multipliers allow RLB Lottery participants to leverage the amount of RLB they have staked. The multiplier each Rollbot gives is dependent on the Ears trait rarity. For example, the 'Gold Wing' Ears trait is rarest, with only 55 Rollbots having this trait. Holders of Rollbots with the 'Gold Wing' trait enjoy a 5.20x multiplier on the RLB they stake within the RLB Lottery.

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