Our extensive roadmap is displayed below and the aim is to reward Rollbot holders. Dates are subject to change. Rollbots launched with numerous features, those will not be listed here.

Rollbot Presale ✅

2,000 Rollbots will be sold to whitelisted participants via Rollbit.com for a 50% discount of $500.

Date: October 14th 2021 ⏰

SOLD OUT in 24.773864 seconds! ⚡

Rollbot Public Sale ✅

7,000 Rollbots will be sold via Rollbit.com for a price of $1,000.

Date: October 21st 2021 ⏰

SOLD OUT in 59 minutes and 4 seconds! ⚡

NFT Marketplace ✅

Rollbit’s NFT marketplace will become a new venue to buy, sell and trade all of your favourite Ethereum-based NFTs (including Rollbots). Each Rollbot holder will have a stake in the marketplace’s success, as they’ll earn a commission from the profits generated.

The need for project-specific marketplaces is clear with the heavy dependence on existing platforms like OpenSea. Despite being built on software that is run in a decentralised fashion, OpenSea exerts a lot of influence on the NFT market in various ways. Our NFT marketplace aims to provide an alternative venue to reduce reliance on any single entity, make the space more competitive and reward users.

Because of the high gas fees and other trade costs on marketplaces like OpenSea, the NFT market typically suffers from poor price discovery. The Rollbox market significantly increases the pricing information available by lowering the barrier to trading NFTs and reducing the costs of these transactions.

Sellers can list their NFT for a specific price and buyers have the option to buy the NFT with Rollbit balance. We intend to build out the marketplace with many more features in the near future though, with the ability to bid already being worked on. We’ll also add more collections to our whitelist and review user requests to add other NFT projects.

Every bet on a Rollbox is a pricing event on possibly dozens of NFTs. Rollbit will aggregate this information to improve the accuracy of its appraisal pricing. As the popularity of Rollboxes grows, Rollbit can leverage this information advantage to become a leader in NFT valuation. Achieving just a small share of the total NFT marketplace volume would bring significant benefits to Rollbot holders, since they’ll earn a commission on every NFT sale on our platform.

Date: October 2021 ⏰

The NFT Marketplace was successfully implemented!

Rarity Sniper Listing ✅

Listing on Rarity Sniper to allow holders to easily check the rarity of their Rollbots.

Date: November 2021 ⏰

Rarity Sniper listing is now live!

NFT Gambling ✅

We’re working on introducing exciting, new games exclusive to Rollbit such as NFT loot boxes, a player-versus-player NFT coin flip game and other variations of NFT gambling where users bet their Rollbit balance to potentially win NFTs! Smaller participants can place bets at a fraction of the price of a single token and won’t need to pay gas fees when tokens are won or lost.

To allow users to bet with confidence on a large variety of NFTs, we provide an appraisal price for each token based on our historical analysis of token sales, recent price trends, and our expertise in the cryptocurrency markets. Users are not required to follow these price recommendations, but they can be a useful tool to gauge whether a large Rollbox is fairly priced without having to conduct their own research.

Date: November 2021 ⏰

NFT gambling features were successfully implemented! - World's first NFT Lootboxes, Rollboxes 📦 - Probabilistic betting on NFT Marketplace 🤖

Sports Rollbots & Sportsbook Integration

A second generation of sports-themed Rollbots will be released to coincide with the launch of a sportsbook feature on Rollbit.

Date: March 2022 ⏰

Sports Rollbots and the sportsbook have been released!

Lottery ✅

Each Rollbot holder will receive RLB to enter our lottery where you'll regularly have a chance to win a percentage of Rollbit’s casino profits as prizes. More details about the lottery and which Rollbots will earn more tickets will be announced nearer the time of launch.

Date: November 2021 ⏰

The RLB Lottery was successfully launched!

Launch of Rollbit Coin (RLB) ✅

Based on Ethereum, our token will be distributed to Rollbot holders and Rollbit users through airdrops and giveaways. RLB can be staked to enter our regular lottery, where you'll regularly have a chance to win a percentage of Rollbit’s casino profits as prizes. There will be a burn mechanism (0.1% on each lottery entry) that will ensure a deflationary supply. The burn mechanism has since changed, support of Buy & Burn.

Date: November 2021 ⏰

Rollbit Coin (RLB) was successfully launched!

First Rollbot-Themed Game ✅

We’re working on introducing exciting, new games exclusive to Rollbit for gambling with NFTs! The first one to be released will be a Rollbot-themed Coinflip game.

Date: January 2022 ⏰

The first Rollbot-themed games are live, X-Flip & Rollbot Bonanza!

Additional improvements to NFT Marketplace

The initial launch of our NFT marketplace will be basic, but we'll whitelist more NFT collections and implement additional features (such as betting/bidding) to compete more aggressively with existing players.

Date: Ongoing ⏰

Improvements are ongoing, NFT betting was implemented!

More Rollbot-themed NFT games

We'll be introducing a range of new Rollbot-themed gambling games to provide more value to Rollbot holders. More details will be announced closer to the time.

Date: Ongoing ⏰

Additional Rollbot-themed NFT games are in development

CEX & DEX listings for RLB

We'll aim to get RLB listed within popular CEX & DEX platforms.

Date: Tentative, being actively worked on ⏰

We're in talks with multiple CEX & DEX platforms to get Rollbit Coin (RLB) listed.

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