Sports Rollbots: Unlock exclusive access and benefits for Rollbit's Sportsbook

There are 100 different properties spanning each sport for Sports Rollbots with over 600 unique traits, each having a different degree of rarity. Out of the collection, there are 25 Special Rollbots that provide the highest benefits for holders.

Traits will be used to determine the utility benefits for each Sports Rollbot.

  • Background: The background trait determines how much RLB each Sports Rollbot will give the holder when it's revealed.

  • Sport: The sport attribute of a Sports Rollbot specifies what sport the Rollbot specialises in. Matching a sport to a utility will give bonuses. For example, when staking for the profit sharing utility you'll get a greater share of the profits for the sport that matches your sport.

  • Teeth: The teeth a Sports Rollbot chows with determines the parlay multiplier the Sports Rollbot gives to a holder.

  • Eyes: The eyes that a Sports Rollbot sees their surroundings with determines the value of the free bet the holder will receive.

  • Body: The body of a Sports Rollbot determines the Sportshare for each Sports Rollbot. Sportshare is what decides how much profit share each Sports Rollbot will earn across all sports and the matching sport.

Be sure to checkout our trait rarity breakdown to see breakdowns of every unique trait!

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