🧮Parlay Multipliers

Sports Rollbot ownership unlocks parlay multipliers!

A parlay is a type of bet that will be available to all users in Rollbit's upcoming Sportsbook.

A parlay allows sports bettors to include multiple wagers into a single bet. If all bets come in, the win will be much greater than if the bets were placed individually!

A parlay is also known as a Accumulator ("acca"), Multi and Combo Bet 💡

We're excited to announce that Sports Rollbots holders will get exclusive multipliers applied to their parlay winnings. These multipliers will be known as Combo Boosts. Sports Rollbots holders will enjoy over 100% Combo Boosts! 🚀

The teeth trait determines the parlay multiplier/combo boost value for each Sports Rollbot. Check out the values for each teeth trait here.

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