🤖Rollbots V1

Own a part of Rollbit with our exclusive Rollbot NFT drop. Join one of the largest cryptocurrency casinos and trading platforms by purchasing a Rollbit-branded NFT

What are Rollbots?

A collection of 10,000 unique robots generated algorithmically using over 180 traits with proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain and a focus on utility. Inspired by projects like Aavegotchi and CryptoPunks, Rollbots are based on the ERC-721 standard that underlies most digital collectible and utility projects.

We have created code that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, which enables anyone to trade Rollbots in a permissionless manner. Rollbots are permanently etched onto the blockchain and cannot be modified or stolen. Anyone can verify for themselves that only 10,000 exist, with each NFT being one of a kind. As each Rollbot is unique, they are non-fungible, as these tokens are not interchangeable with one another.

Each Rollbot is a Pixar-style piece of digital art that doubles up as a personalised VIP membership card like you’d get at a regular casino. Become a Rollbit VIP by owning a Rollbot and enjoy the perks!

By becoming a Rollbit VIP, you can own a portion of our business and earn a variety of lucrative rewards. We’ll be creating a host of new Rollbit-themed games anyone can play, but only Rollbot holders will earn a share of the profits. Holding our NFT also provides you with a status symbol and a unique bot to showcase as an avatar on social media.

Benefitting from both the Rollbit brand with its existing user base and from being a collectible, our NFTs have the potential to become a tremendous success. But the really interesting part of the story lies in the utility of Rollbots. Check out the next section to learn about all the utility offered!

Rollbot V1 has proved extremely valuable for holders, with more than $48m paid out!

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