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Rollbots: VIP Memberships Using Utility NFTs
A breakdown of Rollbot traits, featuring 'The King of Rollbit'
There are 7 different properties (background, body, hat, clothes, teeth, eyes and ears) for Rollbots with 180 traits, each having a different degree of rarity. Out of the collection, there are 25 Special Rollbots that provide the highest rewards for holders.
Each trait will have a utility benefit, with 5 out of the 7 traits already having one.
  • Body: The body of a Rollbot determines how much Rollback you receive for your Rollbit account. This can increase your effective rakeback to up to 15%!
  • Hat: The hat a Rollbot wears will determine how much share of the NFT Marketplace profits you will receive.
  • Clothes: The clothes on a Rollbot's back determine the revenue share you will receive when creating NFT Lootboxes.
  • Eyes: The eyes that a Rollbot sees their surroundings with determines how much RLB was airdropped to them during December 2021.
  • Ears: The ears trait influences your RLB Lottery multiplier. This can be used to leverage your staked RLB, increasing the chances that you win!
  • Background & Teeth: These traits do not currently have a utility, stay tuned 👀
Be sure to checkout our trait rarity breakdown for more information!