Rollbots Whitepaper

Earn RLB

Rollbot holders will have multiple opportunities to earn $RLB, Rollbit's Solana token.

RLB Lottery Staking

Rollbot holders can earn RLB passively by staking them within Rollbit's NFT Marketplace.
After each RLB Lottery round, RLB taken as entry fees is split equally between the RLB burning schedule and staked Rollbot holders.
The greater lottery stakes your Rollbot has, the higher share of the RLB distribution it will receive. The duration a Rollbot is staked is also taken into consideration, so be sure to leave them staked to maximise your RLB earnings!

December Airdrop

Throughout December 2021, RLB was airdropped to all staked Rollbot holders. The amount of RLB airdropped was dependent on the 'Eyes' trait rarity of the Rollbot.
If you were lucky enough to own a Rollbot with the 'Rollbit Glasses' trait, you would have been eligible to receive a whopping 1,000,000 RLB per Rollbot.
December 2021 Rollbot RLB Airdrop Schedule
The December Airdrop has concluded. Millions of RLB was distributed to Rollbot holders.