Rollbot holders will enjoy several perks as part of the enhanced reward program.
Owning a Rollbot can increase your rakeback to anywhere between 2.5% to 10%. Rollback, the additional rakeback provided by owning a Rollbot, will be based on the rarity of the body property. Similar to the NFT marketplace profit-sharing, the 25 Special Rollbots will receive the highest rewards no matter what their body type.
The rarest body type (Solid Gold) is found in only 53 Rollbots out of the entire collection of 10,000 and can boost the overall rakeback on your Rollbit account to 15% (excluding other lucrative elements on Rollbit's overall rewards program).
To unlock Rollback, users will need to assign their Rollbot to their profile, which can be done from their NFT portfolio. The Rollbot that’s assigned to your profile will determine your Rollback percentage. It's important to note that if a Rollbot is assigned to a user's profile, they will benefit from Rollback only. Users will also have the option to showcase their assigned Rollbot in chat instead of their rank badge.
The rewards program for Rollbot holders will encompass much more than the standard rewards. Other benefits for VIPs that hold Rollbot NFTs include:
  1. 1.
    Eligibility for future airdrops,
  2. 2.
    Early access to future features,
  3. 3.
    Exclusive perks on Rollbit.com.